Changing the Norm in Teaching and Learning

The iPad

Nothing has changed education more in recent years than the introduction of readers and tablets into the general and special ed curriculums. With textbooks now made available through a tablet, a weight has been (literally) lifted off the shoulders of students.

Introducing the iPad to students as a means of instruction offers the opportunity for all students to excel in their learning through the use of technology, leveling the playing field for all learners, by using apps relevant to a student's needs.

General Information About the iPad and Education

  • The Device That Changed Everything is Now Changing the Classroom! General Information from the Apple site.

  • iPadschools wiki ---- Great source for apps, lessons, links, blogs, etc., from getting started to creating lessons that can be uploaded for others to use.

  • Using Doceri and your iPad - - Doceri creates a whiteboard space. Watch the video to see how your iPad and a projector can be used in the classroom.

  • Educational Service Unit Wiki ---- Making the most of your new iPad

  • iPod User Group ---- Though iPod is in the name, the iPad and other devices supporting K-12 education are included.

  • iPads for Learning
“Useful articles about the use of iPads in education and learning”

  • 10 Free ebook Sites for iPad

  • Excellent work by Kathy Schrock - Bloomin' Apps

  • Alan Carrington's Padagogy Wheel (This is the way it's spelled on the wheel)

  • Teach With Your iPads wikisite

  • iPad apps for Struggling Readers and Writers

The iPad and Special Education


iPads in Special Education
“Resources supporting using the iPad and apps in special education ”

Finding the Right App
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